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Breakthrough BT2 Black Right Angle Light - Rechargeable

P/N: 380-BT2-BL-RECH

Price: $233.99

Rechargeable compact right angle LED spotlight with superior smoke cutting ability. Outperforms most box lights. The black BT2 utilizes FoxFury SMO-KUT technology, which enables it to deliver a far reaching 200 lumen, 2 degree beam that outperforms most box lights and high powered flashlights. From illuminating street addresses to long range inspections to locating persons or property, the BT2's focused beam helps the user to better see & respond faster... especially in thick smoke & fog. This light comes with a rechargeable kit complete with a docking station, rechargeable battery pack and charger. Multiple docking stations can be connected by snapping them together. The extra thick walls of the BT2 provide increased heat and impact resistance (survives 2-story fall).


Max Output:  200 lumen
Battery Life: 3 hours
Battery Type:  Rechargeable battery
(Full Specs)

2 Lights in 1: Box Light Performance in a Right-Angle Light Body

The BT unit is a right angle flashlight that performs like a box light, cutting through smoke; it therefore does the job of 2 lights in 1. As an added bonus, you'll have the option to have two free hands in order to get work done with the attached clip.

SMO-KUT Technology to Cut Through Smoke

Smoke is the enemy of lights; the thicker it is, the more challenging it is to pierce. For a light to slice through smoke, you need a lot of light and a very focused beam. FoxFury's SMO-KUT technology provides a smoke cutting ability thanks to a powerful and focused LED and deep reflector. The 200 lumen, 2 degree beam of the BT2 excels at penetrating smoke and fog.

Rechargeable Battery Kit

While some users prefer to use their own rechargeable batteries, the BT rechargeable kit comes with a contained rechargeable battery, docking station, and AC adaptor. Depending on your use, this unit may be more convenient than a non-rechargeable BT unit, as it could save you money and give you peace of mind. Multiple docking stations can be connected by snapping them together.

Built to Last

The BT is engineered with extra thick walls, which makes the light extremely resistant to heat and impact. It can survive a two story fall and is useful in structural firefighting.
  • Easy to Grip...Even with Thick Gloves
  • Firefighter gloves (and other safety gloves) are thick and can greatly restrict gripping ability. The BT is designed with a reinforced grip handle so that the light can be gripped and activated by a user wearing thick gloves.

  • Black Exterior for Practical Purposes
  • Some users prefer a more covert body color for certain applications... and some users simply like the color black. Either way, we've got you covered.
  • Breakthrough Wedge Included
  • In firefighting, seconds count and small obstacles can become big problems without the right tools. Current BT lights come with a Breakthrough wedge to keep doors open. It is our hope that this tool is of use to you in many situations. The wedge snaps into all BT lights. Additional wedges are available for purchase as a separate accessory.
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    Application     Fire, Industrial, LE & Military
    Battery Life Low     8 hours
    Battery Life Medium     6 hours
    Beam Angle 1     2 degree
    CE Cert     CE
    CEEMC Cert     CE-EMC
    Color Temperature     5800 K
    Cost     $$
    Depth     3.7in (94 mm)
    FYL Battery High     3 hours
    FYL Max Lumens     200 lumen
    Feature 1     SMO-KUT smoke cutting beam
    Feature 2     Extra strength fire resistant walls
    Feature 3     Wedge
    Feature 4     Bottle opener in rear
    Fire Resistant     Yes - meets NFPA 1971-2007 Fire Resistant Requirements: 500F / 260C for 30 minutes
    Head Size     2.7in (69 mm) diam
    Height     7.0in (178 mm)
    IPX7 Certified     IPX-7
    Impact Resistant     22.9 ft (7m)
    LED Color     White
    LOQ 1     High
    LOQ 2     Blinker
    LOQ 3     Low
    Light Type 1     Right angle flashlight
    Light Type 2     Spotlight
    Lumens 1     200 lumen
    Lumens 2     200 lumen
    Lumens Low     40 lumen
    Materials 1     Nylon 66 housing with polycarbonate window
    Materials 2     Stainless steel clip
    Max Beam Distance     3,000 ft (914 m)
    Modes     3 (High, Low, Blinker)
    Operating Temperature     14°F (-10°C) to 300°F (149°C)
    Optional Accessories     BT Rechargeable Kit, Breakthrough Wedge Black - 3pack, Breakthrough Wedge Yellow - 3 pack
    Power Consumption Watts     3W
    Power Source 1     Rechargeable battery pack
    Power Source 2     4x AA batteries
    Power Source Info 1     Rechargeable battery pack (included)
    Power Source Info 2     AA Batteries NOT included
    Runtime 1     3 hours
    Warranty     24 months
    Waterproof     13.1 ft (4 m)
    Weight of Light     20.6 oz (585 g)
    What's Included     BT2 Black, Docking Station, Rechargeable Battery Pack, AC Charger, Wedge, AA Battery Holder, D-ring
    Width     2.8in (71 mm)

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