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FIELD TESTER Jumpseat Training

Q&A with FoxFury field tester Jumpseat Training.

About Jumpseat Training:
Ryan Pennington is the Leading Authority and expert in Heavy Content Firefighting (AKA Hoarder firefighting). He is an instructor, speaker, author, blogger and podcast host. Ryan has lectured and trained thousands of firefighters and fire departments from across the United States and internationally. He has been published in FireRescue Magazine, Fire Engineering and Firefighting in Canada Magazine. He is the founder of which is the leading Heavy Content Firefighting Online Training Academy for fire departments worldwide. Ryan blogs and podcasts about the views of a street level firefighters at Ryan has over 21 years in the fire service and works in Charlestown, WV.

How we met:
We met at FDIC 2012. I was covering the unveiling of the BT light for I asked someone about servicing a light that I broke when I dropped it. We then ran into each other at Bucca di Beppo and the rest is history.

Which FoxFury lights do you use?
BT2 Rechargeable Discover Tasker S SideSlide C-Clamp Nomad NOW Nomad Prime

Why do you use our lights?
The dependability. I cannot explain how durable they are. It’s off the charts. Between being a burn instructor and being busy at the Firehouse, my l651ights get used a lot. The casing and beam of the BT2 is second to none and the Discover Tasker S can really take the heat.

When do you use our lights?
On duty at Charleston FD and during live fire training at the EPTC (Emergency Preparedness Training Center). And around the house to change light bulbs and stuff.

Where do you use our lights?
On the fire truck, ambulance, crash scene, technical rescue and more. They go with me everywhere.

How do you use our lights?
For helmet and handheld illumination, scene illumination. For everything.

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