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Q&A with FoxFury field testers C4L Tac Ops Team

About C4L TacOps Response Team: This group of experienced and passionate people has over 400 years in combined experienced covering over a dozen areas of emergency and disaster response. They use our products in life and death scenarios often under the worst case conditions. They respond to disasters and events providing tactical leadership.

How we met:

Option 1: The C4L Tac Ops Team approached FoxFury in the early stages of looking to partner with companies that were attempting to break into new markets with products that were not as well as widely known. They wanted to be a part of showing and using something new on a daily basis. They contact us directly after having a bad experience with other light companies that made claims as to what their lights could do but those lights were not tested under duress.

Option 2: Eddy Weiss of C4L contacted us back in 2008 after having lighting difficulties while responding to various events including stormchasing and disasters. We were intrigued by their field experience and insight. We provided some lighting units to test. C4L has abused our lights over the years and discovered failure points under extreme conditions. Their feedback and helped us improve our product line.

Which FoxFury lights do you use?

Scout Tasker Safety Glow Case Command 20 Tasker S Rook Forensic Blue FLS Nomad Prime Nomad NOW Nomad 360

Why do you use our lights?

Because our lives depend on the ability to see. After experiences with other lights, these have never failed. Our team has never had to use any other light since we switched to FoxFury lights. Their ability to hold up to extreme wet and underwater conditions has really stood out. Ditto with situations like disaster response that require us to be constantly mobile. FoxFury lights have continued to perform even when thrown or beat on.

When do you use our lights?

All the time. From midnight packing of a trailer to deployments to unloading on scene in SAR, medical situation and debris removal. There is rarely a day that goes by where we don’t use at least one FoxFury light.

Where do you use our lights?

All over the US. From Joplin, MO to the flooding in Detroit to wildfires in the Plain States. We’ve used them in wartime and peacetime activities and at large events.

How do you use our lights?

We have discovered the mobility of FoxFury lights as one of their greatest assets. Their design and shape enables is to use them on our personnel as well as strap them to ATVs, golf carts, trucks, trailers, light towers, telephone poles, buildings, boats and just about anything else we have out in the field.

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