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Aire4 Portable Room Purifier 110V (US) with Germicidal UV

P/N: TUV-110

Price: $3000.00


Battery Type:  External power 110VA
(Full Specs)

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Air Purifier     Y
Application     Forensic, Industrial
CE Cert     CE
Charcoal Filter     Absorbs gases and odors
Charcoal Filter Area     Filter Area: 2.4 ft
Charcoal Filter Life     Activated charcoal has an operational life of 6 months
Depth     22in (560 mm)
Feature 1     Quadra-filter design: pre-filter + HEPA filter + activated charcoal filter + Germidical UV bulb
Feature 2     Four individually replaceable filters
Feature 3     UV (air sanitizer) option: 254 nm bulb is included. It is non-hazardous, and does not create Ozone
Feature 4     Casters allow easy transport
Feature 5     Quiet operation (50 to 57 dB)
Feature 6     Delivers 200-400 cfm (5600 to 11,200 lpm)
Feature 7     Filter surface area is 12x larger than average air cleaner
Feature 8     Motor processes 12x more air volume than average air cleaner
Feature 9     Removes finer particles including odors, gases, and VOCs
Filter Life High Threat     6 months in high threat environments
Filter Life Low Threat     12-18 months in low threat environments
Filter Life Notes Misc     Filters should be changed if clogged up regardless of filter life
Germicidal UV     Kills 99.8% of airborne bacteria and viruses
Germicidal UV Bulb Power     Air sanitizing 15W bulb
Height     28in (710 mm)
Hepa Filter     Removes tiny particles to 0.3 microns
Hepa Filter Area     Filter Area = 6.0 ft
LOQ 1     57 dB
LOQ 2     50 dB
Lumens 1     400 cfm (11,200 lpm)
Lumens 2     200 cfm (5600 lpm)
Materials 1     Nylon cover and structural parts
Materials 2     Steel grid
Modes     2: Low (200 cfm | 5,600 lpm) and High (400 cfm | 11,200 lpm)
Operating Temperature     10
Optional Accessories     Air Aid Room Air Sanitizer Replacement Filter Cartridges - Pack of 4
Power Consumption Watts     125W
Power Source 1     External power 110VAC
Pre Filter     Removes large particles (up to 10 microns)
Pre Filter Area     Filter Area = 6.0 ft
UV Bulb Life     UV bulb lasts 6,000 hours
Warranty     24 months
Weight of Light     60 lbs (27 kg)
What's Included     Room Purifier on casters, Power Cord
Width     22in (560 mm)

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